Tina’s excited as she and Tommy prepare for their meeting with the bank about a mortgage for Jason’s flat. But Tommy’s promised the money to Terry and when he finds his dad face to face with a loan shark he hands over the cash. Terry is flooded with relief and promises never to let his son down. Later, Tommy goes to break the news to Tina. Meanwhile Tyrone’s had a restless night as he tries to get his head round what Kirsty’s done.

Brian’s convinced Julie that she needs treatment. As they arrive at the hospital Julie tries to put on a brave face.

As Mary babysits Faye while Anna works another evening shift in the shop, Faye escapes via the garden, taking advantage of Mary’s trust.

Also, gossip spreads about Sally and Kevin; David’s gutted as there’s still no news from Kylie and Max. He’s thrown himself into sorting out the mess at the salon before Audrey returns to work.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Tina’s horrified to hear that Tommy has given his money to his dad and turns on Terry, accusing him of conning him out of his inheritance. Tommy insists it’s just a loan and Terry is forced to say it will be paid back as soon as his cash flow problems are sorted. But as Terry plays the doting dad it’s clearly all an act. Meanwhile, a withdrawn Tyrone struggles to forgive Kirsty for her rash actions.

They’re strong for each other. but inside Julie and Brian’s hearts are breaking.

Norris is taking the Weatherfield in Bloom competition far too seriously and when one of his hanging baskets goes missing, after a spat with Gail about her planting flowers from Audrey’s house, he jumps to the conclusion that Gail is responsible. Marching over the road he takes one of Gail’s hanging baskets.

Also, seeing how down David is Hayley offers to contact Becky and see if she has any idea where Kylie is. At home David breaks down, opening up about his pain over hurting those he loves most.