Has Theresa caught Ethan out?

Theresa worries to Liberty that she said the ‘L’ word to her secret boyfriend and he didn’t say it back. But Liberty reassures her that everything will be fine. Meanwhile, a confused Ethan sends a text to the wrong girl and has to wriggle his way out of trouble once again.

Diane is delighted that Sinead’s taking her tutoring so seriously but then determines that there must something going on between Will and Sinead. Will is uncomfortable with the accusation but Sinead is happy for the decoy and lets Diane continue believing it’s true, knowing that she can see Bart on the sly. Things take an even better turn for Sinead when Diane says she can go to the prom.

Darren suggests a drastic solution to his and Nancy’s money problems. He thinks they should look for a cheaper place but Nancy is not impressed at the idea of selling her flat. She has so many memories there and she tries to make Darren understand, but in the end she realises she has no other choice.

Also; Rhys comes up with an ingenious plan to help Jacqui sleep; Duncan and Ricky’s disastrous prom plans escalate.

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