After dumping Pc Honey Harman’s body in the river, DC Zain Nadir wakes up in St Hugh’s Hospital dazed and confused. DS Phil Hunter tells him that although drug lord Paul Haskew is dead and dealer Jose Alvarez is being interrogated by SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency), Kristen Shaw and Eva Garcia have disappeared. Zain discharges himself and goes home – and he’s stunned to find Kristen there.

Back at Sun Hill, DCI Jack Meadows tells DI Neil Manson about Zain’s relationship with fugitive Kristen and asks him to go through all of Zain’s paperwork since the start of the undercover operation to look for any inaccuracies.

Back at his flat, Zain and Kristen are plotting their getaway. Knowing that the first thing the police will do is check that Honey got on a plane to Tenerife, Zain breaks into her flat and steals her passport and luggage. But he’s nearly caught by Pc Will Fletcher, who’s popped round to talk to Honey about missing drugs mule Eva.

Back in CID, Zain tells Jack and Neil during a debrief that he doesn’t know where Kristen went and that he didn’t see anyone else tied up at the boatyard. When Phil interrupts with news that a woman’s body has been pulled out of the river, Zain is relieved when it turns out to be Eva. But when Jack and Heaton question suspected murderer Alvarez, Zain worries that he’s told them about Honey…