Tyrone nurses his bruises while Kirsty apologises and tries to explain her appalling actions. At Kirsty’s insistence, Tyrone tells Tommy that he’s reconsidered and he’s not willing to let him take a repayment break so he can’t go on holiday. Tommy’s gutted and when he breaks the news to Tina about their holiday, she’s furious and vows to have it out with Tyrone. But when she arrives at the garage to confront Tyrone she’s stunned to find him applying medication to his injuries.

Ryan’s promised Michelle he’ll never take drugs again and under pressure from his mum he apologises to Steve for his behaviour and asks him if he’s still got a job. At pains to impress Michelle, Steve agrees to give him one more chance. But when Ryan tries to apologise to Kylie for shifting the blame on to her, David loses his cool and shoves Ryan. Steve arrives and stops a fight. Comforting Michelle he takes his chance and invites her out for dinner. But Michelle declines.

When Norris whinges to Emily about Tracy’s lack of rent contribution, Tracy offers to clean the house, including his bedroom.

Also, Sylvia tells Roy she’s certain Milton wishes she was with him in his hour of need.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Tyrone pulls his top back on and refuses to discuss his injuries. Kirsty then arrives and with a look from Tyrone, Tina is forced to drop it. Alone Kirsty tearfully explains to Tyrone how she only flies into a temper because she feels second best. Tyrone promises it won’t happen again. As he meets up with Tina for a drink he comes clean about Kirsty beating him up, but insists it’s his fault for provoking her. Tina’s horrified, but Tyrone makes her promise not to tell anyone. At home Kirsty breaks down and tells Tyrone she understands if he wants to leave her.

Michelle admits to Maria how Steve made a pass at her, she slapped him down but now thinks she may have been too hasty. Michelle then invites Steve for a drink and apologises for biting his head off. As she thanks him for all he’s done for Ryan Steve risks having another crack at Michelle.

Emily’s cross with Norris for padlocking his bedroom and offending Tracy. But while Norris is taking a nap, Tracy locks him into his bedroom then turns up the TV to drown out his cries for help.

Also, Roy surprises Sylvia with a flight to go and see Milton. She decides to accept the gift.