Tommy’s overwhelmed by Jodie’s enthusiasm for him, but Tina’s enjoying witnessing his discomfort.

Tracy‘s delighted as Jason comes to knock down the partition wall, presuming Steve is moving out and she’s won. But as she enjoys a celebratory meal with Deirdre and Amy the front door opens and in walk Beth and her son Craig. Tracy’s incensed to realise she’s got a new flatmate.

Owen’s like a bear with a sore head, firing off at his workers. But confiding in Anna, and apologising to Faye, he admits he’s aware how damaging his temper can be. Meanwhile, Katy’s absence takes it’s toll on Chesney and Owen – it’s obvious they’re lost without her.

Also, as talk of Carla and Simon’s run-in hits the street Hayley and Julie offer to talk to her rather than Brian. But it backfires when Carla explodes, presuming the whole factory has been gossiping about her – she’s the one giving them ammunition. Enjoying her mistake Frank pounces while Carla’s down and again offers to buy her out.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

When Ken outlines Brian’s concerns about Carla to Peter he rushes off to talk to Simon. But when asked what happened Simon lies for effect leaving Peter unsure of what to believe. News of the incident has spread and Stella berates Peter for trusting Carla. Meanwhile, Carla again meets with contact Jenny, who admits she won’t work with Carla until Frank’s out of the picture. Agreeing to put work her way if Carla gets out of her partnership with Frank, Carla’s got a lot of thinking to do. But back at home Peter just wants to hear her account of what happened with Simon. As Carla struggles to defend herself Leanne arrives at the Rovers to an expectant Stella.

As Beth and Craig start to unpack Tracy tries to phone Steve about her lodger from hell. Realising he has moved virtual strangers in with his daughter, Steve starts to worry.

When Katy tells Chesney she left Joseph home alone because she needed a break, her family try to convince her that with their support she will get better.

Also, Tommy’s alarmed by the speed at which Jodie is moving, but as he tries to cool things she begins to wonder whether this is about someone else.