Has Tony killed again?

Carla and the factory girls knock off early to get changed for the Underworld Christmas bash and Tony stays behind to finish off some wrapping. A tipsy Jed pays Tony a visit and demands more hush money and Tony suddenly snaps and throttles him with Carla’s Christmas negligee! Tony panics and crams Jed’s lifeless body into one of the fabric hampers before the staff return. The next few hours are a nightmare for Tony as the drunken factory girls conga and dance around the hamper…

Rosie looks forward to celebrating her 18th birthday with her first legal drink in the Rovers. She has planned a party at home but decides to cancel it and spend the evening with Gary instead. Kevin and Sally are less than impressed when they return home and discover she and Gary have polished off the champagne reserved for her birthday and are looking very cosy.

Joe doesn’t feel very festive having discovered that he has been evicted from his flat. He confides in Kevin who advises him to tell Gail but Joe is a proud man and doesn’t want to burden her with his problems.

Also, Michelle kisses Steve under the mistletoe and Steve tells Becky he’d much rather be kissing her.

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