Tony stands on the canal towpath as he watches Roy fight for his life in the water. He needs to make a decision and after debating the outcome, makes his choice before walking away into the night.

Hayley is back at the flat telling a distraught Maria they must call the police and report Roy as missing. A frantic Hayley and Becky then head to the canal to search for Roy, as Maria tells an incredulous Michelle about her suspicions of Tony.

Maria realises that her own life may be in danger and starts to panic that Tony could come back to hurt her and baby Liam. But in the dark of night Tony calmly walks into a police station and confesses to murder. Tony is then interviewed he confesses to paying Jimmy to run over Liam out of jealousy, and admits to trying to kill Roy at the canal.

Maria’s shocked to hear Tony’s handed himself in and needing some answers she heads to the station. As the police confirm her worst fears Maria is horrified. In the interview room Tony pleads with her to believe that his feelings for her were genuine and that he’s tried to make amends for his evil deeds.

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