Has Tyrone met his match?

As the lads head to a bar in town Tommy decides it’s time Tyrone got back in the saddle. Getting Kirk and Jason to chip in he pays an attractive girl to flirt with his mate and boost his self-esteem. Agreeing, Kirsty approaches but as she hits on Tyrone she enjoys his company and, money aside, it becomes clear they’ve got a lot in common.

As Stella’s taken into surgery bleeding internally a distraught Karl, Eva and Leanne wait for news. Seeing Frank, Karl flies at him demanding to know what happened. Frank covers, apologising that it all happened so fast, she came out of nowhere. It’s not good enough for Karl who has to be restrained. Meanwhile Carla’s in turmoil, she’s horrified to hear that Stella might die and refuses to let Frank take the blame for her, but Frank insists she keep to the story.

As Lloyd vents his frustration in the pub Chris comforts Cheryl at home. As they reminisce he thanks her for taking him in. But when Chris goes to kiss Cheryl she pulls away.

Also, Steve thanks Becky for her help behind the bar and it reminds him of what they once had.