Ronnie’s stuck in an impossible position as Vincent pushes ahead with his plan. Finding Phil in the Albert, Vincent slips something into Phil’s jacket, which is on the back of a chair. Ronnie looks on in horror as Vincent phones the police to say Phil has a gun on him. Rushing over to The Albert, Ronnie gets to the gun before the police can arrive. Vincent is fuming, but Ronnie is triumphant, as she then smashes up his laptop containing the incriminating audio recording.

Jane opens up to Kathy over her fears for Bobby, wondering whether she made the right decision covering up what he’s done. When Jane lets slip that Ben had a spell in prison before he killed Heather, Kathy feels guilty yet again for leaving her sons. Agreeing to team up to help out Bobby, Jane and Kathy put on a united front to tell him that his behaviour is unacceptable. But when Bobby apologises, Jane crumbles, ordering him the bike he wanted.

Honey is delighted when Elaine breaks the news that Janet has been chosen to play Angel Gabriel. Despite feeling proud of his daughter, Billy worries that the role will be too much for her, turning it down. Elaine convinces Billy that Janet can handle it.