Ryan and Rob are missing after their watery plunge. The police divers search for bodies. Whitney is questioned by the police and confesses the whole sorry saga. Whitney slips away from the hotel room to go the pier. A body is being pulled from the water. Later, Whitney is overjoyed when Ryan turns up. Ryan says he needs to go on the run or he’ll go down for murder. Ryan and Whitney say a sad goodbye.

Dot finds out that Rose isn’t as lonely as she claims as her son Andrew is living with her. Rose talks Dot round and takes her on the big wheel at the fun fair. Rose agrees to move to Walford to live with Dot. Rose is upset when Andrew doesn’t seem bothered.

Back in the Square, Rose settles into Dot’s. Meanwhile, Heather and Shirley return after doing a runner from the hotel. Andrew arrives to see Heather, but she’s evasive and he leaves. Andrew asks Dot to take his name and number to give to Heather. Dot’s stunned when she realises he’s a Cotton – he’s Charlie’s son! Dot is furious with Rose, but Rose convinces her to calm down and tells her she will not let Charlie come between them again.