Has Will been snatched?

*One-hour episode*

Mark and Natasha discover that Will hasn’t slept in his bed and he hasn’t turned up at the sleepover. Mark searches for Will and spots the mysterious Faye screeching away from Home Farm and panics that she may have abducted Will. The Wyldes call the police and Natasha is stunned when Mark breaks down and apologises for what he’s done. The family are relieved when Jimmy finds Will safe and well in the grounds.

Daz is concerned when he sees Victoria has been crying and confronts Aaron, who lies that he and Victoria had sex. Daz punches Aaron and they’re separated by Chas. Daz lies to Andy that his bruises were the result of a mugging. Later, Daz tells Victoria about Aaron’s claims and is relieved when she insists he’s lying. Daz is floored when Victoria admits he’s the only person she loves enough to sleep with.

Jimmy agrees to organise a search party to look for Will and he’s joined by Nicola. They spend the afternoon trading insults, but it’s clear that they are trying to hide their true feelings about each other. Jimmy accuses Nicola of fancying him, but is deflated when Nicola insists she’s seeing a rich businessman.

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