Has Xavier really flown the nest?

Miles is preparing to move into Leah’s when Gina asks him to cover for her, so she can go and visit Xavier and try to make him come home. John tries to reason with Gina but she is determined to win Xavier back. However, after a chat with Leah, Gina realises that John is right and Xavier can make his own decisions.

Alf and Romeo submit their mooring application to the council, but it’s rejected. It looks like the Blaxland is finished. Romeo is out of a job and asks Sid for a loan to pay the rent. Indi is frustrated with their living arrangements, so when Dex tells her how depressed Sid’s become, she asks Romeo if they can move back into the Farm House.

Sid meets up with a solicitor who has some alarming news: Sid has a daughter from a previous relationship whose mother recently passed away. He asks if Sid is willing to play a role in her life now that she has nobody to care for her. This puts Sid in a very awkward position. Dex comes home to find his dad has downed a bottle of booze and passed out on the couch. He goes out on a limb and calls Roo for help.