Zara slowly falls backwards onto a grass verge, her eyes are closed. Widow Nonnie runs into a church shouting up at the statue of Christ: “was that you”? Meanwhile, schizophrenic Cam runs through a line of trees seemingly being chased and teen Toby, whoops with delight. What has he seen?

At The Mill, Zara frantically searches for the foetal heart monitor. Cherry notices Zara’s in a panic trying to find the baby’s heartbeat but they soon hear it. Zara’s relieved but won’t tell Cherry what’s wrong.

Toby arrives at The Mill for an asthma check and tells Heston he saw something amazing this morning; an alien. Cam comes to see Jimmi saying the demons are back. Meanwhile, Nonnie tells Cherry she thinks she saw God.

Zara tells Elaine she’s seen something but doesn’t know what it was. All four experienced the same white light phenomenon. When Elaine has no explanation Zara turns to Kevin, who says it was ball lightening, but Zara’s not sure.

When Zara tells Elaine she saw ball lightening, Elaine asks why Zara can’t tolerate the unexplainable, why is she clinging to an explanation that doesn’t fit? Zara snaps that Elaine is just being provocative.

Later, Zara asks Daniel if she’ll be a good mother, admitting she doesn’t have all the answers. As Daniel reasons that no one does, Zara says everything’s fine – but is it?