Has Ziggy cheated on Ruby?

Ruby is getting angry that Ziggy is still out and with Frankie also missing, she puts two and two together to make five. Ziggy wakes up on a blow-up bed having given Leela his to recover.

However, Leela isn’t happy when she wakes and she leaves in a hurry, without one of her gold earrings. Meanwhile, Ruby questions where Frankie was all night. She has a valid excuse but questions whether Esther or Ruby has taken her missing gold earrings…

Cindy’s world is turned upside down by the devastating news that her son’s life is hanging in the balance. Mercedes goes to the house of Browning’s ex-wife. Only his son, Alex is at home and Mercedes is taken back by how similar he is to his dad. Posing as a cleaner, Mercedes gets to know her stepson but it doesn’t take long before Alex’s charms lead to more.

With the hearing in recess, Vincent tells George that it’s over – he never loved him – but is he just doing it to save George the pain? The teens are delighted when Vincent is granted asylum but it may be too late for Vincent and George.