Has Zosia’s behaviour gone too far?

Following her drug collapse a few weeks ago, Arthur’s keeping a close eye on Zosia at work. Arthur’s tasked with looking after one of Guy Self’s former patients, Clive Lloyd, who’s dying of oesophageal cancer, but when Zosia discovers he’s a VIP, she boldly takes over his care. Zosia’s keen to let the old man live out his last days the way he wants but Arthur loses it when she makes some very risky decisions, such as reducing the dose of Clive’s medication to make him less drowsy and bringing him a steak dinner he can’t eat!

Later, Zosia shocks Guy and Arthur when she introduces her date for the hospital’s charity gala that night – it’s Clive! Is Zosia’s behaviour spiralling out of control?

Meanwhile, Jac’s determined to make her mark on Darwin following her promotion and jumps at the chance to do a risky, in vitro procedure on expectant mother, Georgia, whose baby has aortic stenosis. As the rest of the team get caught up in the excitement of the high stakes case, Jonny’s the only one who questions what’s really driving Jac’s determination to bury herself into her work.

And when Billy Tressler arrives on AAU to observe son Harry at work, Raf struggles not to let the Tressler family get under his skin. But when Raf, Harry, Amy and Billy find themselves thrown together at the charity gala, will Raf be able to keep his feelings under lock and key?