Irene is feeling low and trying to recover from all her recent health problems. Despite the efforts of her friends, she’s still shutting herself away at home and not getting about very much. When she starts to feel pains in her leg, Colleen is worried and calls Sid. He checks her over and diagnoses her with Deep Vein Thrombosis, caused by her inactivity.

Dex finds Ruby alone and drunk in her caravan. He checks her sugar levels, which seem to be OK, and puts her to bed. The next day the same thing happens… only this time as he tries to help her, Ruby attempts to seduce him.

John reveals to Alf that he invested around 400,000 dollars in the Resort. Now he’s lost it all, and he hasn’t told Gina. Roo then accepts a job from Harvey, working on the redevelopment of the site. John is upset that she’s helping the man who destroyed the Resort, and his future.