A deathbed confession to the murder of teenager Amanda Bennet leaves DS Ronnie Brooks (Bradley Walsh) shaken to the core as he is forced to reopen a case he thought he had put to bed 14 years ago. At the time of her murder, Amanda’s wealthy businessman father, Simon (Tim McInnerny), was accused and convicted of killing her. Fourteen years on, a more sober Ronnie is forced to ask if mistakes were made in the original investigation.

The police question whether they can believe the confession of a crack addicted, petty criminal. The fact he accused a former friend of also being party to the murder leaves them wondering if his was a final act of vindictiveness or a genuine confession.

Torn between the unwavering belief of his old partner, Bernie Rawlins (Tom Georgeson), that Bennet is guilty and mounting doubts of his new partner, any victory is hollow for Ronnie in a case which unearths the possibility that more ghosts from his drinking days may come back to haunt him.