Have Ashley and Casey been caught?

Claire is feeling stressed and she confides in Casey, who suggests that she go to a support group. Devious Casey then visits Ashley, who is cooking a special dinner for Claire, and she tells him that she saw Claire heading into town. A despondent Ashley asks Casey to stay instead and he pours his heart out. The pair end up kissing, but they’re in a panic when they hear Claire returning home…

Eileen is stunned after Steve finds Pat’s mobile in the cab office and when a text comes through on Pat’s phone Steve has a look and discovers a sexy message from another woman. After looking through Pat’s texts, it’s clear that the charmer has several women on the go. Eileen confronts Pat, who admits that he isn’t even married – he only tells women that to avoid commitment!

Jodie is feeling guilty after convincing Kayleigh to steal Schmeichel to get back at Cilla, when Kayleigh reveals that Schmeichel is actually Chesney’s dog. Jodie tries to give the dog back to Cilla, but she refuses to have him.

Also, Sean is upset when Violet tells her that he thinks Sean is too unreliable to be a parent.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Ashley and Casey hastily rearrange their clothing as an unsuspecting Claire walks into the conservatory. Ashley makes his excuses and rushes out to pick up Josh from a birthday party. Casey plays it cool and after a chat with Claire she leaves. When a guilty Ashley returns home Claire tells her husband that she wants him to attend the next support group with her.

Steve is feeling down and he decides to look for a cheap flight abroad but when he tells Eileen that he’s booking a last minute holiday in Malta, she invites herself along! Eileen is desperate to get away from the street for a week after dumping Pat and Steve has no chance to say ‘no’.

Jamieapologises to Violet for being unsupportive when he found out she was pregnant. He reveals that he’s also already cleared the air with Sean and Violet decides to forgive him.

Also, Sally is encouraged in her studying by teacher John; Chesney’s delighted to get Schmeichel back; Liz decides to quit smoking but her mood swings drive everyone round the bend.