Have David’s lies made Gail look guilty?

David defends Gail to the hilt during his turn in the witness box. But when he’s cross-examined a desperate David reveals it was him who sent the text and flowers to Tina, not Gail.

The QC immediately pounces on David and his lies get him immediately discredited. The jury are then led away to deliberate. As Gail is taken down David feels sick with dread.

David wonders if his lies have put Gail in the frame.

Also, Tony tells Carla he’s planning to kill her and Hayley, so a desperate Carla tries to drive a wedge between Tony and Robbie, insisting that Tony will doublecross him. At first Robbie laughs it off, but when a row breaks out over money both men reach for the gun. Meanwhile, Maria is back on the street, she needs to tie up some loose ends with the Ladrags. As she heads to the factory, oblivious to the imminent danger she’s facing a shot is fired!

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