Elle and Lucas find themselves on a Valentine’s Day assignment for the newspaper and the two butt heads instantly. Despite this, their chemistry is evident, but both are as stubborn as two bulls and won’t admit their attraction. Up on a farm, Elle is stunned when she spots a portrait that looks identical to Zeke, and she convinces Lucas to help her investigate.

When they stay overnight in the back of Lucas’ truck to confront the group of fruit pickers who were at the farm, one of the men seems suspicious and they follow him after he takes off in his car. When they lose him, Lucas tries to convince Elle to let go. Is her hunch about Zeke right?

Since Steph returned her bridesmaid dress to Libby, Libby and, her other bridesmaid, Rachel have been bonding. Meanwhile, Karl and Susan feel they need to put Zeke to rest and so get the family together to talk about holding a memorial service for Zeke.

Driven by guilt, Libby tells the family she believes she is responsible for Zeke’s accident as she let him go when they were in the raft. Rachel explodes and gives an ultimatum – she won’t attend the service if Libby does. Susan believes Rachel will soften with time – but could she be mistaken?

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