Have Ian and Sharon seen Kathy?

Phil grabs his phone from Sharon, spinning a lie about who ‘K’ really is. After Phil heads out to St Pancras train station to meet up with Kathy, Sharon shares her fears with Ian that Phil is having an affair. Accompanying Sharon to the station, Ian and Sharon are determined to find out what Phil is up to. While Phil waits for Kathy to show, Sharon and Ian arrive, forcing a hidden Kathy to flee when she spots them. As Kathy tries to slip out of the station, Gavin stands in her way…

Stacey lies to Martin that she’s going to Lily’s school, instead heading off for her appointment with the midwife. After talking through her fears about taking her bipolar medication whilst pregnant, Stacey is given food for thought. On her way home, Martin confronts Stacey, revealing he knows she lied about going to Lily’s school. Linda is talking to Stacey and covers for her. Later, Stacey makes a decision.

Shabnam and Kush encourage Carmel to open up about what’s worrying her. Admitting that her ex-husband is selling the house, Carmel reveals she’s homeless. A pushy Carmel invites herself to stay with Kush and Shabnam, soon making herself at home.

Also, Marcus Christie visits Jane to ask questions about Good Friday.