Annoyed that Rob keeps trying to get out of their therapy sessions, Karen asks Elaine to come round and, when Rob gets home, the family go out, locking the doors behind them, leaving Rob with Elaine. Rob sits in front of Elaine, who asks him about his father and Rob claims their relationship was normal, as his thoughts go back to 1979…

Rob thinks back to when he was 14 and his mum and dad are arguing over him. The next morning Mary has bruises on her neck. Rob lies that, as a family, they did have happy holidays – then thinks back to the time he is dressed in Ska clothes. Billy orders him to get changed, smearing food all over him.

Mary washes the clothes but when Billy discovers them drying, he shouts at Mary for defying him. Billy slaps Mary and young Rob jumps between them. Rob then runs upstairs and cowers under the covers as his mum is beaten.

Back in 2011, Rob admits to Elaine that he’s ashamed of letting his mum down. Rob’s mind goes to 1980 – he finds his mum bruised again and finally stands up to his dad, forcing him out of the house and slamming the door in his face. Rob realises he’s treated Imogen exactly as he treated his dad. Rob’s eyes fill up as he sees Elaine out.

When Karen, Imogen and Jack arrive home, Rob asks if anyone wants to come with him to get fish and chips and Imogen offers. They walk down the street and although Rob doesn’t want to talk about today, when she slips her hand into his he doesn’t reject her. He squeezes her hand tight.