Shirley decides to throw a party at the Mitchells so that they can work out who is behind the stalking. Shirley tells Kat to shut the pub to force the thirsty punters over to theirs. Ian, Jack and Derek work out what Shirley and Phil are up to and all claim that they are the stalker to wind them up. Later, Phil searches Heather’s bag for her inhaler when she has an asthma attack and finds a stash of envelopes identical to the ones Phil has been receiving.

Max is trying to get the Branning house ready for Christmas. Cora is scathing about his choice of decorations. Cora starts talking about Tanya’s treatment and says she’s looking ill. A frustrated Max bundles her out of the house. Tanya worries Max thinks this Christmas will be her last, but he insists that it won’t be.

Jean and Kim spy a good-looking stranger and both think he could be the man from Rose’s prediction. Kat encourages Jean to speak to the stranger, but she’s too shy. Kat confronts the man and they are stunned when he reveals he’s a benefit fraud officer. He wants to know why Jean is claiming income support while working in the Vic. A shocked Jean realises that Mo has been falsely claiming for her.