Tanya and Greg are at the Vic discussing their next holiday. Max is in the pub with Vanessa and becomes increasingly irritable. Vanessa brings up their honeymoon and is left tearful when Max snaps at her and storms out. Tanya finds Max outside the pub and tells him to stop playing games. Max tells Tanya he loves her, despite her insistence they need to end things. As they embrace passionately, the back door of the Vic opens…

It’s Alfie’s cockney bash at the Vic and the pub is full of punters gossiping about Carol and Eddie spending the night together. Carol is mortified by the teasing and flees the pub. Eddie follows her and denies gossiping when she accuses him. Carol reluctantly believes him. Meanwhile, Jean lets on to Michael that Eddie received mysterious letters from Essex and seemed angry about them.

Billy meets up with Lola’s social worker Annie. Billy reveals that he’s been doing Julie’s cleaning job at the Vic since she left as he needs the cash. Billy wells up as they talk about Lola – he’s worried that now that Julie’s gone, Lola won’t be allowed to stay with him. Annie reassures Billy that Lola will be able to stay.