Have the Kennedys blown their chance?

In the fallout from Bridget’s arrest, Declan points out that Bridget is trying to do everything – be super-mum, a super-student and a wife. But Susan helps her see that she doesn’t need to give up her dreams of becoming a doctor – she’s young and has plenty of time to fulfil her dreams.  So Bridget decides to spread year 12 out over two years to give herself more time.

Susan and Karl are faced with a dilemma over whether or not to give photographs of the protest to the Erinsborough News. If a story runs, the hospital might retaliate and air their private life in public, but if they don’t go to print, all hopes of the IVF process being reinstated will be lost. Despite Karl’s concerns about Paul’s ethical shortcomings, they entrust him to print the article and photos. But unexpectedly, the hospital caves and reinstates the Kennedy’s IVF treatment with the proviso that there’s no further media coverage. Can Susan and Karl convince Paul not to go to print with the story? 

Callum doesn’t understand why he’s drawn to Sophie. Toadie convinces him to approach her but Sophie rejects Callum’s offer to play. Callum’s hurt until he realises that he has another appeal for Sophie – his irresistible new puppy. 

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