Have the police finally caught Jas’s stalker?

Rob and Driver are pretty sure they scared the stalker off and he won’t be back. Then Karen takes a call from a patient wanting an appointment, and the name – Steve Grahams, the man Gus Harper is pretending to be. Karen offers to book him with Dr Khella again and the game is on! Rob, Driver and their team arrive to set up, the staff are briefed to follow the same plan as before – Steve will be arrested the minute he arrives.

When Steve finally shows up, Karen tries to act natural but Heston can’t help but stare, which makes Steve paranoid and he runs out, chased by the police – Howard goes to follow but then doubles back to the rear exit and gets outside just as Steve is running past and rugby tackles him to the ground. Rob and the other officers catch up and arrest him while Driver thanks Howard for a job well done, much to his delight. 

At the station, as Steve refuses to co-operate with Rob and Driver, Al decides to call round to the address he’s found for Gus Harper. But as Al peers through windows looking for clues, he suddenly feels a sharp pain and twists around to see a tranquiliser dart sticking out of his bottom. Al slumps to the ground and, as he sees a hazy figure approach, he loses consciousness.

Meanwhile, Chris and Mrs Tembe are getting nowhere with fundraising ideas when Chris suggests holding a ‘silent disco’. He’s quickly shot down by Mrs Tembe and Emma, who has overheard and suggests they do their own version of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Chris thinks it’s brilliant and they both laugh at Mrs Tembe who claims never to have heard of the programme – or Simon Cowell!