Still shocked by what he saw last night, Will wonders whether he can confide in anyone without revealing his own sordid secret. Meanwhile, Kevin watches on anxiously as the police drag a large body shaped object from the river, which turns out to be a rolled up carpet. Back at Mitzeee’s flat, Maxine is not dead, just heavily sedated – he’s trying to protect her from Walker.

Sinead’s forced to make a serious life decision, and when the subject of adoption comes up, it gives Sinead food for thought and she offers Diane first dibs on the baby…

Jacqui and Theresa are desperate for extra shifts when the McQueens’ boiler breaks. They have to go cap in hand to Trudy but are suspicious by their boss’s relationship with the chief security guard, Alan. Jacqui knows she’s got one over on her boss when she spots her shifting boxes from the store room and realises everything’s not all it seems.

Also, Cindy unwittingly pushes Holly further away; Cheryl tries to make it up to Nate after her mistake last week but she’s suspicious about his unwillingness to mention his mother.