Have the Roscoe boys gone too far?

The Roscoe boys are once again incensed when they find Dodger rifling through their fridge after another liaison with their mother. Dodger winds up Joe, Freddie and Ziggy about his relationship with their mum and the boys decide to teach him a lesson. Dodger receives a text from Sandy and goes to meet her, only to be bundled into a van by Joe and Freddie.

Mercedes is at the police station, having just given a statement. She arrives back in the village with her husband, after giving him an alibi, while Jim looks on in horror. Meanwhile, the evil doctor tells his wife about the texts and abuse he’s been getting from Myra, but Mercy doesn’t know what to believe. She notices a phone on the floor by her mum’s bed and reads the latest message – her mum is the stalker!  

The McQueen’s wait nervously for news, while Jim studies Browning, his suspicion piqued. Later, Browning approaches Myra’s bed and attempts to suffocate her before he’s interrupted by Nana McQueen. He’s thwarted when Myra slowly wakes up. Alone with Nana, Carmel and John Paul, Myra accuses Browning of being her attacker…

Meanwhile, Ruby is becoming increasingly smitten with Ziggy.