Peter’s in the shower as Lloyd and Steve apologise for bursting in but want to know why Tina’s in the flat, half dressed. Having to think quick, Tina lies that the hot water is off in her flat. Back in the Rovers, everyone’s laughing about Tina’s close encounter. Peter turns up with his holdall pretending he’s just arrived and everyone seems to buy it.

Fiz is in turmoil knowing Roy’s shopper was found in the canal. Fiz rips open the parcel, hoping it might hold a clue but is saddened when it’s just a part to a train set Hayley ordered ages ago. Grabbing a photo of Roy, a determined Fiz resolves to look for him but it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Ritchie tells a shocked Gloria and Dennis he’s been poached by an international management outfit and he’s off to pastures new. Gloria’s left fuming when Dennis tells Rita he loves her, and wants nothing more to do with Gloria.

Also, wanting to get Marcus on side, Todd tells him and Maria a sob story about his father.