Have you been a naughty boy, Pc Hardy?

Pc’s Lewis Hardy and Roger Valentine find a young boy, Tyler McGuire, collapsed and carrying ecstasy. His father, Eddie Watson, blames his other son, Ryan, and tells the officers they can find him at the café where Lewis’s cousin Dominic Hardy works.

As Roger arrests Ryan in the café, Dominic reveals to Lewis that he has borrowed money from the Sken gang to keep his business going and that, as he’s behind on his payments, the Skens want him to sell drugs for them that night.

At Sun Hill, Ryan learns that Eddie has blamed him, and tells DS Stuart Turner and DC Jo Masters that his father plans to buy half a kilo of coke from the Skens that night. Waiting to catch Eddie in the act, CID are surprised when the Skens turn up and drive away before a deal is done. Sergeant Smithy blocks their car before it gets away – and is stunned to find Lewis in the driver’s seat…

Also, Pc Emma Keane and Inspector Gina Gold investigate an alleged rape – but when the accuser’s story turns out to be flawed the officers aren’t convinced they can make an arrest.