Hayley and Archie are caught in the act!

Zak is shocked when Hayley wants to get onto a course at HCC and he tries to talk her out of it. Hayley is upset but she soon forgets about their run-in when Archie chats her up in the SU Bar. Zak flips when he later finds Hayley and Archie in bed together and he drags Archie out of bed and lays into him.

Ash discovers Relish has been torched and he knows it was Gaz but there is nothing to prove it. Ash cheers up when Hannah invites him for a drink and he apologises to Justin for yesterday for Hannah’s benefit but she’s completely taken in. Meanwhile, Justin is about to end his relationship with Leila but she persuades him he deserves to be happy and he realises he can be with her.

Elliot panics when he starts seeing strange colours around people but a trip to the doctors doesn’t provide any answers. Elliot confides in Leila, who is convinced that he’s seeing auras. Elliot’s rational side makes it difficult for him to believe it and he gets drunk as everything he believes in is challenged.

Also, Gaz is excluded after trashing Russ‘s classroom and Russ feels gullible for believing his lies.

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