Hayley and Josh Kiss!

Rhys drafts in Hayley and Josh to help him prepare a Music Quiz at the Dog. They quickly get bored and decide go back to halls, where they kiss! Shocked at what they’ve done, matters are made worse when they realise that Cheryl has walked in on them and seen everything.

Nancy is berating Kris for not doing more to stop Ravi from fighting and outside the hospital Kris reassures Nancy that Ravi knows she cares for him. Back at the flat, Kris’ kindness strikes a chord with Nancy and there’s a moment between the two before he leaves.

Anita is still devastated after Ash’s revelation and he panics when she insists on raising it with her parents. He convinces her they would only resent her if she brought it up. Unable to accept Ash’s news, Anita’s head starts spinning and she has to get out of the house. She runs into Ricky and decides to confide in him about the family secret and asks to stay at his house, but he tells her it’s not a good time.

Also, Calvin is a little shell-shocked when Cheryl bursts into the Valentine’s house with beers and pizza. But after dinner she’s still unable to bed the man of her dreams.

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