Hayley and Roy go to the police

Hayley hasn’t slept since Roy’s shocking revelation about Tony. Sorry she ever doubted him, Hayley claims it’s time they went to the police. But Roy reckons the police will never believe them. Unsure of what to do next the Croppers spend the day hiding in their flat. When their disappearance becomes a talking point Roy realises he could be putting them both in danger and concedes they’ll have to go to the police.

Kevin’s had enough of Sally ranting about John Stape and promises to go and see a solicitor to find out where they stand. Molly meanwhile, is in a foul mood and when she snaps at Kirk, Tyrone presumes it’s him being in the house that’s bothering her and tells Kirk it’s time he found somewhere else to live. Tyrone’s best efforts are all in vain when Molly’s mood is only lifted when Kevin arranges to meet her at the motel later.

Eileen‘s growing increasingly suspicious of Jesse’s strange behaviour so pays Eddie to watch his movements and report back. But when Eddie clocks Julie climbing into Jesse’s van it looks like Eileen may be about to receive the news she didn’t want to hear.

Also, Steve arrives back from his honeymoon.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Roy and Hayley have told the police everything they know about Tony, so when detectives tell them they’ll take it from here, they return to the street and hurriedly pack their bags. Now aware of the full extent of Tony’s crimes they’re intent on getting away from Weatherfield. But as the police arrive on the street it’s clear someone’s intent on silencing the Croppers.

Kevin‘s solicitor tells him there’s little chance of getting an injunction against John, so he takes the opportunity to use the meeting to find out how where he would stand financially if he divorced Sally. But Kevin doesn’t like what he hears and when he meets Molly at the motel it looks like he needs to make a big decision about their future.

Eileen’s gutted when Eddie tells her that Jesse has been secretly meeting up with Julie. Jesse assures her it’s a work arrangement only and not an affair, but Eileen refuses to accept it and insists Jesse sacks Julie immediately.

Also; John‘s thrilled when Roy asks him to help out in the café while they’re away. Sally meanwhile is less than happy to discover John in Roys Rolls and her hackles rise once more.

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