Hayley changes her mind

Hayley buys Roy a tent for his birthday so they can go on an eco-friendly holiday but there is still tension between the couple. Hayley blurts out that she wants to see her son again and Roy agrees to support her decision, but only if she tells Christian the truth.

David has spent the night in Darryl’s shed but when Jerry finds out he’s furious and David finds himself homeless yet again. A desperate David admits to Audrey that Gail has thrown him out and she realises that he’s genuinely devastated by what has happened to Beth. Audrey begs Gail to change her mind but Gail refuses and insists that Audrey disowns him, too. Audrey defies Gail and tells a grateful David that he can stay with her.

John has slipped up and booked to see the play with Sally on the night of Fiz’s birthday, so he suggests that Fiz and Kevin come along. Sally is miffed that she has lost the opportunity to have John to herself for the evening, while Fiz isn’t best pleased at spending her birthday at the theatre!

Also, Liam is jealous when he discovers that Carla has struck up a friendship with Tony.