Hayley is staying at Fiz and Tyrone’s, while Roy’s at the cafe lost in worry. With her first-hand experience of cancer and its effects on a sufferer’s family Sally offers to speak to Roy. She’s very honest about the way her cancer affected her and as Roy admits Hayley is showing no consideration for his feelings, he’s on the brink of telling all about her end of life plans. But when Hayley is suddenly collapses, Fiz calls an ambulance and Roy puts their argument aside as he races to be by her side.

When Rita starts asking how long her ring will be at the jewellers, Dennis tells Tina of his stupid mistake. Knowing how upset Rita will be if she discovers Dennis has sold her ring, Tina insists on using her surrogacy fee to buy it back from Tracy and Rob’s shop. But as Tina faces a gloating Tracy, she realises it will be tougher then she thought.

As Michelle prepares to leave with Barry, insisting he has to tell her mum how sorry he is, Liz tells Steve it’s time support his girlfriend.

Also, Stella and Gloria help out at the Bistro; David begs Gail to let him see Lily and Max, but she refuses.