Hayley broods about her life on the bench outside the salon. Roy assumes her subdued mood is down to jetlag, but Hayley confides in Sean that she is finding it difficult to adjust to being back. Hayley confesses to a shocked Roy that she wants to go back to Africa.

Becky tells Steve that her solicitor wants to see him at lunchtime, but Steve is concerned about how he is going to get away without arousing suspicions from Michelle. Steve is forced to think fast when Michelle catches him sneaking out of the pub, but the cat is nearly let out of the bag by a careless Lloyd.

Gary and Len arrive on the Street looking for the Platts and spend the day observing the comings and goings from the house. Meanwhile, Graeme tries to figure out a way to get rid of the stolen car and then asks Ashley for a job at the butcher’s.

Also, Darryl discovers Dev’s buying the kebab shop and ousting him and he upsets Amber when he accuses her of being in on it; Emily offers to let Jed a room in her house; Norris loses out on the Cliff Richard competition to a woman called Mary Taylor.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Roy is devastated when Hayley says she wants to go back to Africa. Hayley insists she loves him but misses the work. Roy is still hurt. Hayley’s fellow African volunteer Tilly visits and it’s clear that Hayley has other reasons for returning – she has a crush on another aid worker, Olaf! When Tilly gets a flirty text from Olaf, Hayley realises that she’s been a fool and tells Roy she’s staying in Weatherfield.

Amber is furious that Dev has bought the kebab shop and caused trouble between her and Darryl. Tara tries to talk her round, but a bitter Amber spitefully blurts out that Dev had an affair with Nina. Tara is devastated and confronts Dev, who is forced to confess. Tara tells Dev she never wants to see him again.

Becky can’t believe a desperate Jason’s cheek when he asks her on a date and she chucks him out of the cafe. Becky goes to find Steve to find out how he got on with her solicitor and when Lloyd sees them together he is suspicious. When he quizzes Steve he gets an earful.

Also, the Windasses do David and Graeme a favour when they steal David’s nicked car!