Hayley dumps Rhys

Josh Rhys and Hayley are together in The Dog when Gilly turns up and reveals that it was Ash who planted food in Hannah’s room. Suzanne feels guilty for not believing Hannah and goes to visit her. They share an honest mother-and-daughter moment, eventually reaching a middle ground. Meanwhile, back at the Dog, Rhys is moving way too fast for Hayley’s liking and with her feelings for Josh growing, she dumps an unsuspecting and gutted Rhys.

Leila tells Elliot it’s not working between them and it’s a heartbreaking moment when they part ways. Meanwhile, Ash retreats to Relish, forcing everyone out he trashes the restaurant then breaks down. With no fight left in him, a broken and lonely Ash heads out of the village for good.

Calvin is starting to get slightly concerned at Cheryl’s presence in the house. Leo, however, loves having her around and is convinced she’s good for Calvin. Lauren is feeling more left out of the family and the distraction of Cheryl setting up a cosy film night makes it all too easy for her to lie to Leo.

Also, Lauren, Newt and Anita jump on a bus and head out of the village.

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