Hayley has cancer! (VIDEO)

As the consultant breaks the news to Hayley that she has stage two pancreatic cancer she’s floored. The doctor explains she’ll need an operation to remove the tumour and unblock her bile duct then she’ll need chemotherapy. Barely able to process this a numb Hayley returns to the street but is unable to confide in Roy.

Peter and Carla know they’re being blackmailed but have little choice other than to accept Rob and Tracy’s deal. Struggling to hide his frustration Peter admits to Deirdre that Carla being the sole breadwinner makes him feel emasculated. Meanwhile, word spreads that Rob and Tracy’s new business venture will be a cash converter.

As the trading standards inspector reveals provisional tests on the bistro’s spirits suggest they’ve been watered down, Nick’s stunned. Facing a big fine or even a sentence Nick starts to panic as he faces ruin.

Also, Maria tries to cheer Audrey up. Tim opens up to Sally about his sadness over the breakdown of his relationship