Hayley is told she only has a year – maximum – to live

As the consultant explains to Roy that Hayley’s operation has been unsuccessful he’s hit by the enormity of the news. Back on the ward with Hayley they desperately try to distract themselves from reality before bracing themselves as the specialist arrives. Hayley’s tumour proved inoperable and all they can offer is palliative care. It’s a devastating blow for the couple as Hayley is told she only has six to 12 months to live.

As Beth confronts Karl he plays it down, claiming he only gave Craig the money to cheer him up. As Jason and Dev watch on with interest, Karl’s aware suspicion has been roused and later goes to tackle a terrified Craig.

Carla’s unimpressed when Steve lets slip about Michelle feeling overworked. Annoyed with Steve for stirring up trouble, Michelle airs her grievances about Peter to Carla.

Also, Sinead agrees to give Chesney one last chance, but warns him not to mess her around again.