The mysterious Hayley gets Martin Fowler into big trouble with Stacey!

Martin is swayed when Hayley encourages him to go against Stacey’s demands over the kids but his actions have terrible consequences.

Martin has the kids for the day and arranges to meet up with Hayley. Although Stacey has made it clear she wants the kids home in good time, Hayley encourages Martin to keep them for a little longer. Stacey keeps sending Martin messages but he ignores them. And he’s horrified when he realises that his tactics have backfired horribly…

Linda returns to the Vic and Mick and Shirley do their best to hide the drug dealing situation that’s going on with Aidan. When Linda finds out the truth – and it doesn’t take long – a furious Linda is determined to put a stop to it but she and Mick soon find themselves in a worrying situation…

Billy finds out that Mel needs a new doorman for the club. Still desperate for work after getting the push from the undertakers, he begs Mel for a job. Mel sets him a challenge and although Billy normally messes everything up, things seem to work out alright this time! Will Mel employ him?

Also, Jay is struggling alone at the funeral parlour.