Hayley meets her son!

Hayley gets a visit from the private detective, who tells her that he’s found her son and he gives her a file of documents. Hayley finds a photograph of her son Christian outside the shop he works in and Hayley wants to rush straight round there. Becky urges caution and suggests they suss him out before Hayley makes her big announcement.

Gail has to comfort a sobbing Bethany, who has had all the hair hacked off her doll. David glibly says that he was practicing for work at the salon and he thought that Bethany no longer played with it. Gail is furious, but at a loss as to how to put a stop to David’s tricks.

Violet is growing weary of the tide of gossip that her and Sean’s announcement has caused, from the factory girls wondering what the preferred method of insemination was to Liz worrying about Violet going on maternity leave! Violet tries to put the gossip out of her head and concentrate on the baby.

Also, Tyrone can’t bring himself to leave Jack and Vera to Paul, despite Molly’s growing frustration with his reluctance to find a flat.

*Second episode*

Hayley decides to visit the record shop where her son works and she’s overcome when she sees Christian. She keeps her identity a secret and shyly buys a record instead. Hayley tells Becky that she needs to tell Roy the truth about what’s happening before she goes any further. Roy is stunned and hurt when Hayley blurts out that not only is she not a virgin as she told him, she has a son and she hired a private detective to find him.

Ashley heart breaks as he and Claire sit a confused Joshua down and tell him that they’re splitting up. Ashley pleads with Claire for another chance, but she gives him the cold shoulder. Ashley heads to the Rovers to drown his sorrows and he breaks down on Kevin and Jerry, fearing that he’s lost Claire for ever.

Gail is furious that David is refusing to show any remorse for being spiteful to both her and Bethany. Gail decides to confront him at the hairdressers but he takes his break early to avoid her.

Also, snobby Sally is embarrassed in front of John when Kev comes home with kebabs for tea.