Hayley reveals all to Christian

Roy is still furious with Hayley for betraying his trust and he vents his anger by being snippy with Becky and the cafe customers. Hayley takes the afternoon off work to have a heart-to-heart with Roy, who accepts that she needs to see her son and he agrees to support her. A relieved Hayley returns to the record shop to finally face Christian.

Claire won’t let her guard drop in front of Ashley, but she’s feeling lonely in his absence and she decides to make up with Audrey. Claire agrees to go for a drink at the cafe with her friend and Audrey gently suggests that Claire should give Ashley another chance. But Claire is determined not to let him back into her life after his betrayal.

Molly is getting tired of Tyrone’s constant suspicions of Paul and she apologises on Tyrone’s behalf when he overreacts about one of Paul’s comments. Tyrone is furious and vows to expose Paul for what he really is.

Also, Jason tries to get to know Eileen’s new beau Jerry; Sally resents Rosie’s position at work.