Hayley reveals her fears to Sylvia

Sylvia confronts Hayley and asks her why she’s been so jumpy of late. Hayley admits she’s being sent for further tests and she’s worried. With a concerned Sylvia covering for her, Hayley sets off for her ultrasound scan.

Carla and Michelle are astonished to learn that Rob and Tracy are planning to go into business together. Meanwhile, determined to push Peter to his limits, Rob places £500 on an accumulator. Peter accepts the bet even though he’s aware that if Rob were to win it would bankrupt him. As the two men eyeball each other Carla arrives and demands to know what’s going on. When Peter explains Carla is furious.

Paul’s pig-headedness is wearing Eileen down. Mandy’s had enough too and suggests they put their heads together and try to get Paul and Lloyd talking again.

Also, Mandy and Jenna argue over Jenna’s wasted career; Audrey’s concerned when she discovers a crack in her living room wall.