Roy’s devastated when Hayley says she’s reached the end of the road and it’s time to start saying her goodbyes. As Roy wheels her round the street she bumps into old friends and even finds the strength to have a go at Tracy, much to Roy’s amusement. Back at home with Roy, Hayley prepares to take her own life.

Tracy’s furious when Steve agrees to drive Dev and Stella to the Retailers’ Ball, leaving her and Rob to wait in the rain. Soaked to the skin and bent on revenge, Tracy steals Stella’s cloakroom ticket and her meddling ruins Dev and Stella’s night.

A reluctant Anna finally agrees that Owen should take the plunge and go ahead with the Phelan project. 

Also, Nick and Leanne plan a holiday; Marcus and Maria are downbeat having had their offer refused on the new house, much to Todd’s delight.