Hayley’s family still despise her

Hayley attends her aunt Monica’s funeral but she has a hard time as her relatives are just as disapproving as ever and tell her that she’s turned the funeral into a freak show. A sad Hayley sorts through her aunt’s things after the funeral and she finds some letters addressed to ‘Harold’ – her name before she became a woman. Hayley reads the letters and bursts into tears, clearly in shock. But what could the contents of the letters be?

Ashley is troubled when Kirk tells him that Casey has turned up several times at the butchers looking for him. Claire, meanwhile, is readying herself to return home. Ashley keeps getting calls from Casey on his mobile but he ignores them. Ashley brings Claire home, while Casey watches quietly from nearby.

Norris has met up with his new pals Ivor and George for drinks and they ask him whether he’s ‘proposed’ yet! Betty overhears the men talking and is intrigued as to who Norris could be hoping to marry.

Also, Jerry and Eileen are quizzed by their friends about their relationship; Maria plays it cool and pretends she’s not interested in Liam.