Hayley breaks the news that the freshers ball’s been cancelled. But Dave is determined to solve the problem and asks Neville hold the ball at The Dog. Meanwhile, Hayley’s convinced someone’s stealing her food and has already decided that India is the culprit. Josh tries to stand up for her, which further angers Hayley. Out of spite, Hayley neglects to mention that the dress code for the ball is now less formal and enjoys the sight of India in a ball gown, until her plan backfires…

Archie goes off to source a getaway car for the boys. Elliot and Zak are feeling restless when they receive a call… from Ged. He knows about the money and wants it back. Then things get worse when a picture message comes through of a bound and gagged Archie.

Darren is annoyed at Cindy’s extravagance, and envisages their plan failing. Now excited and going overboard himself, Tony’s adamant that Cindy has her dream day. They agree to compromise and Cindy sadly mourns the loss of the wedding of her dreams.

Also; Dave leads the freshers into wild rebellion at the pub, and Neville soon tells Josh that he must pay back every penny. Josh is very grateful when India apologises and offers them £200 to cover the costs.