Hazel loved Jackson enough to help him exit a world he felt he no longer had a place in. Trouble is, despite everything Hazel did to help him go, she’s still desperate to keep Jackson with her. That’s why she’s turned Dale Head cottage into a shrine to her beloved son – and that’s why she won’t let anyone else inside – not Bob, not Declan, not anyone.

Charity’s obsessed with putting herself in Nikhil’s place at the factory and crashes an important business meeting between Jai, Nikhil and a client. But her plans to fast-track herself at the factory hit a speed bump when she thinks the way to do business is to dress in a very unbusinesslike fashion and suggest she take the client for a private dinner.

Unfortunately for Charity, the client can easily resist her, er, charms. In fact, he’s offended and Nikhil has to drive him home… That’s when Nikhil rescues the deal and Jai tells Charity to butt out of factory business.

Nicola tells Laurel she’s sure that she and Jimmy are over for good. They managed to get through Angelica’s concert without screaming at each other but they’re definitely not singing from the same hymn sheet.

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