Hazel carries out Jackson’s wishes

Adam can’t believe what Aaron has told him about Jackson’s death – he tries to argue that it can’t be Aaron’s fault, but Aaron is adamant he helped Jackson die.

Paddy and Chas try and console Hazel and ask how Jackson died. Believing it was an illness they are shocked when she reveals it was an assisted suicide. Chas is furious when she discovers how long Hazel has known about Jackson’s plans and begins to worry for Aaron. Meanwhile Hazel calls the police.

The police arrive and question Hazel about Jackson’s death and she is arrested for murder. Escorted to the police car Bob wants to know what’s wrong. Hazel asks him to look after Jackson. Bob agrees and Paddy reveals to Bob that Jackson is in fact dead. The rest of the village is stunned by the news as the police search for Aaron.

Cain discovers Aaron in his home. He offer to help him do a runner but tells Aaron he must choose his next move carefully as it will determine the rest of his life.