Jackson didn’t have to die the way he did – he chose to – and much as it broke her heart, Hazel supported him in his choice. Now it’s done. Jackson’s gone and Hazel has to carry on. She’s not alone. She has Bob’s support and, of course, Aaron’s. He’s by Hazel’s side as she watches Jackson’s final video message. Hazel doesn’t have Ashley’s support, though. When she goes to discuss Jackson’s funeral arrangements Ashley tells her he doesn’t agree with what she did and he won’t perform the funeral service. God doesn’t judge, but it seems that Ashley does.

Cain’s judging a situation, too. He sees trouble brewing between Charity and Jai (they’re arguing over Charity’s dodgy TVs which need shifting) and then sees them talking business with Carl, who’s saying he wants extra payment (to shift the dodgy TVs). Cain knows a dirty deal when he sniffs one; now he just has to work out how to hijack it…

Jimmy’s shown he’s a pretty hopeless judge of situations; it’s how he ended up sleeping with Kelly and it’s why his morning post brings him divorce papers from Nicola. But Jimmy’s also stubborn and he tells Nicola he won’t stop fighting for her.