Hazel gets bad news about Jackson

It’s Christmas Eve – home time for Jackson. But when Hazel and Aaron get to the hospital, the doctor tells Hazel that Jackson can’t leave; there’s a bit of a problem and he needs to stay in overnight so they can keep an eye on him. Hazel and Aaron are bitterly disappointed, but Aaron’s not going to let anything keep him from his man. He sneaks back to the hospital and climbs on to Jackson’s bed, telling him there was no way he’d leave him alone on Christmas Eve.

It looks like Chas doesn’t want to leave Carl alone. The morning after their night of passion, Chas is in turmoil. Charity is stunned – Chas can’t seriously be thinking about really marrying the man who lied to her and cheated on her for months, can she? Yes, she can. Chas loves Carl, she can’t deny it and she’s just not sure she wants to humiliate him.

Declan’s struggling to deny his attraction to Ella and finally gives up the fight. She dresses up for Christmas Eve and very quickly Declan is undressing her with his eyes. They have a mistletoe kiss and suddenly their future looks very different.

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